Tame Tantrums. Decrease Power Struggles. Increase Prosocial Skills.  

Exhausted from daily tantrums and power struggles? Struggling to understand the BIG WHY behind your child's behavior? We can help. Play with Purpose educates parents to use daily routines to empower and connect with their children for peaceful, and positive interactions. Our blend of several different research-based approaches to positive and proactive parenting will facilitate meaningful parent-child relationships, restoring harmony to your home. We use a multi-modal approach to customize family services, including: one-on-one consultations, social classes for your child, and community workshops to meet your personal goals. Once you schedule a service, you will receive an intake form to help us target the desired intervention and customize strategies for your family. 

Come play, learn, and grow with us! 

1. Select A service

Review our list of different services designed to meet the unique needs of different families. From a simple phone call to social classes, home visits, or action plans, you can choose the level of support that would most benefit your child. If you need help choosing the right package or need to customize your own, schedule a 15 minute free phone consult. 

2. Intake form

Once you book a service, you will receive an intake form to fill-out. This will provide our professional staff with a detailed overview of your goals, strategies you have already tried, and your child's personality and preferences. This makes our time together more efficient and directly applicable to your child and family dynamic.  

3. Gain professional support and insight

 During our time together, we will provide strategies, resources, and follow-up with the parents after implementation. Our strategies incorporate holistic and research-based approaches that are LONG TERM solutions that yield immediate results. We are so excited to help you help your child!