Learn and grow with your child as you both discover the power of playing with purpose. 

Play with Purpose educates parents to use daily routines to empower and connect with their children for consistent, peaceful, and positive interactions. Our blend of several different research-based approaches to positive and proactive parenting will facilitate meaningful parent-child relationships, restoring harmony to your home. Whether your child has special developmental needs and you desire targeted intervention, or you want to enrich your child’s daily experiences, Play with Purpose supports your parental goals and child's needs. Parents may chose from a variety of options - one-on-one consultations, social classes for your child, or community workshops to meet your personal goals. 

Come play, learn, and grow with us! 


We Believe every child is different.

Children develop in different ways, through different experiences, and at different rates. They process their world through their own unique lenses, interpreting experiences differently.  We take individual preferences and interests into consideration when planning our plans and classes. Each child’s own pattern of development is exciting, and should be celebrated!

we believe every child has strengths.

Our job as parents is to discover our child's strengths and encourage them. Children's likes, abilities,  personality traits, and preferences influence each child's strengths. As caregivers, we can learn strategies to use a child's strengths as catalysts for learning. Building upon strengths will instill confidence and a lifelong love for learning! 


We believe parents know best.

Every parent ultimately wants what is best for their child. We may have different priorities, different styles, different perspectives, but every parent makes the best decision for their children based on the information they have readily available. We simply provide you tools to feel empowered when guiding your child's development.