My name is Caley Kukla, founder, owner, coach, and teacher behind Play With Purpose. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida. Go Gators! After graduating, I spent time teaching in classrooms, coaching parents through early intervention work, and spent personal time supporting my family members with various diagnosis.

Through a wide variety of professional and personal experience, I discovered my passion is to educate parents about early childhood development so they are empowered to parent with a purpose. Through this education process, I help parents decode their child's behavior and teach that behavior is a form of communication. Once we understand what I child is trying to communicate, we can meet their needs and coach them to use prosocial behavior to express their desires. Unlocking the parent-child connection and watching the relationship blossom is what fills my bucket. 

My mission is to change the world one family at a time while we raise the next generation to be compassionate, creative, and industrious leaders. I do this by listening to parents describe their children's strengths and challenges. I use familial strengths for the foundation upon which we build a nurturing, loving environment for children to develop. Parents find that when they understand their child's strengths and development, home life becomes happier, calmer, and more manageable - yelling can stop, threats are no longer needed, power struggles dissipate. Parents feel like leaders and children feel loved and secure. Time together becomes enjoyable and recharging instead of draining and chaotic!

With two boys of my own, I deeply empathize with the daily parenting struggles, while simultaneously ground my coaching in research-based, developmentally appropriate practices. This unique blend allows me to meet families where they are and implement the most recent and proven methods into their routines for long-lasting results. 

These are not quick fixes. These take commitment, patience, and persistence. But you can do it. I will help. You are your child's first and MOST important teacher. Once you begin to implement these proven methods, you will feel a shift in yourself and your child. It's not magic. It's connection. Deep, meaningful connection. This is what parenthood is all about. This is PLAYING WITH PURPOSE.