What is Playing With Purpose?

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.”
— Mr. Rogers

Behavior Check-In Phone Call

A thirty minute phone call for an overview of behavior issues, short-term goals, and resources to support a proactive, positive discipline approach. Phone calls include a summary sheet and e-mail follow-up. The behavior check-in is best for addressing one targeted behavior and receiving 1-2 basic strategies.    

30 Minute Call for $60.  

Individual Action Plan

The Individual Action Plan is ideal for families who are in need of personalized behavior trouble-shooting, processing of new diagnosis, or implementing proactive positive behavior strategies at home.  Based upon the completed intake form, and a 30 minute phone call, families will receive three individualized goals with a discipline plan and specific implementation systems, tools, and resources. Three days of unlimited e-mail support will be included while you implement the plan helping facilitate a smooth transition for the entire family. Can be done virtually.

Complete Individual Action Plan for $189

Drop-in Home Visit

If you desire hands-on help during the plan’s implementation, the drop-in home visit includes three individualized goals, three days of unlimited e-mail support, with the additional personalized support of a one hour home visit. Within those two hours, we will observe family dynamics, behaviors, triggers, environmental factors, and any other pertinent factors contributing to the behavior chain. Following the home visit, you will receive a follow-up e-mail and three more days of unlimited e-mail exchanges while we jointly refine the behavior plan to best fit your family’s needs. 

Completed Home Visit for $275.

On-Going, In-Person Support

If you prefer face-to-face meetings and would like Caley to come into your home to observe, coach, and reflect, you can book time on an hourly basis. Parents will complete an in-take form, and individually book appointment times by e-mail: caley@playwithpurposefl.com 

1 Hour of In-Home Support for $90.

Social & Enrichment Class

 (Ages 4-6)

This class is designed for children who may need help with the social nuances of school such as: attention span, impulse control, initiating play, appropriate responses, reading social cues, etc. Each class will include the following: a sensory activity, exploratory/social play, a creative activity, teacher read-aloud, and teamwork exercises. Our goal is to develop students' critical thinking skills, independent learning strategies, and navigate different social situations through a thoughtful balance of direct and embedded instruction. Parents may add different “a la carte” services to deepen and strengthen your child’s skill acquisition. These add-on supports include: phone call check-ins, parent handbook, lesson plans, embedded goal setting, and parent strategy playbook.  

Resumes January 2019.

Pre-School Prep

(Ages 2-3)

As children age out of the toddler stage, but aren't quite "big kids" yet, they go through an exciting transition, often referred to "The Terrible Two/Threes". Not so! This age is all about learning independence, boundaries, and exploration. Discover the beauty of this time while building your child's self-confidence, independence, and identity in our pre-school prep class. Parents/caregivers can gradually transition out of the "mommy-and-me" class format so children get that boost of confidence prior to moving up to a pre-school classroom. We'll do all the fun activities they love, AND focus on their social/emotional development. 

Resumes in Winter 2019. 

Social Class/Home Support Combo

For some behaviors, a coordinated effort of learning and practicing skills in social class with follow-up and reinforcement at home, is the most effective approach. For each six week session, children will attend a one hour class weekly, and parents will receive take-home materials, that includes individual goals, embedded learning opportunities and weekly, on-going parent coaching and support. Class-only option and a-la-carte support available.

Six Week Course for $375

Family Action Plan With Coaching Support

The Family Action Plan is the most detailed and thorough approach to behavior intervention that we offer. The month long process begins with our detailed in-take form and up to an hour phone call discussing goals, strengths, and challenges.

A series of 5 visits will be scheduled including: Observation Visit, Two Parent Only Coaching Sessions, Two Family Coaching Sessions, each an hour and a half long.

Parents will receive customized plans that include: Discipline 101: Understanding Your Child’ Development, Responsive Discipline: How to Handle Turmoil, Tantrums, and Upset, and Direct Application Assistance. This package includes a family contract to be signed by parents and coach, 7.5 hours of individualized support, customized plans, and lifetime follow-up support. Can be done virtually.  


7.5 hours of individualized support, customized plans and coaching sessions, and lifetime follow-up support, $699